Short & Efective Spanish Courses in Peru

Day course, Travel & Elder Programs, On the Trek Spanish, Spanish for Volunteer, Standard Program.

A Modern & Efective Method

Modern Efective Method

ALumna y Profesora

We promote One-on-One private tutoring for short term Spanish courses.
It's very effective and efficient.

Communication skills are developed using roleplay and real life situations.

Classes with meaningful contexts to improve your vocabulary. Grammar, when needed is described in a user-friendly format combining in-context examples

Teachers lead interactive, communicative classes and take advantage of your learning pattern.

Immersion situation and your travel motivation is used to keep you focused on your learning goals

Programs Available for you


Take at least a TWO HOUR class (100 minute) any day from Monday to Friday. Available from 9 am to 7 pm.

Our teachers will adapt class content to your learning pace and interest. VERY strong emphasis on communication. Supportive learning environment helps to take advantage of such a short time for learning.

A great oportunity for Travellers willing to improve, correct and practice their Spanish.

Discout price if you take classes together with a friend. Or take more than 2 hours or more than one day.

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Teacher and Student

Spanish for TRAVELLERS

Our most popular option. A flexible program with travel vocabulary, useful everyday phrases, cultural explanations and, most importantly, a strong emphasis on communication and pronunciation.

Designed to make the most out of your short stay and taking in consideration your interest of exploring while travelling.

Beside class content, a lot of local cultural information is presented in the course recommended for One or two weeks of classes.

A perfect option for beginners and those looking to improve their Spanish skills to have a more enjoyable trip.

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Teacher and Student

STANDARD Spanish Program

An Organic and formal approach to Spanish. Packed in week programs of 10 and 20 hours per week. The course is adjusted to different levels. Works hard on pronunciation and writing skills.

Ideal for beginners. A great compliment to your previous Spanish studies.

Teacher and student will agree on objetives to achieve for each week of classes, and contents and materials will be selected accordingly.

This Spanish course takes advantage of your immersion experience. Connecting class contents with your local experiences.

One week is Ok, but a two week staying or more is recommended.

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Teacher and Student

Spanish for VOLUNTEERS - Expats

Designed for those volunteering or living locally for a while. With great exposure to immersion situations.

Strength in contextual language related to your work (education, children care, medicine, etc.).

A great course to sharpen your pronunciation and communication skills. Schedule can be adjusted to your volunteering or job needs

Content will vary according to your actual Spanish knowledge. Basic, Intermediate or Advanced

We can also help you find volunteer or Job opportunities in Peru.

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Teacher and Student

Spanish for Mature and Elder Adults

A Program developed for those in their 40s and up who are willing to keep their learning habilities alive improving their Spanish while staying in Arequipa for some time.

Experienced instructors. Special prepared contents where culture, literature and history are prioritised.

The course goes on your learning pace and can be extended from one week to eight weeks

Includes special visits and activities in the City.

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Teacher and Student

:Spanish on the Trek

Learn Spanish while enjoying the experience of traveling through Peru. Online classes before or after taking presential classes at our school in Arequipa.

The class material is based on the activities that you are doing or planning during the trip. You can take class any day in the week, at any time between 7 am and 9 pm. Ideal way to reinforce the knowledge acquired or to prepare you for the classes to take on arrival to Arequipa.

Available on all platforms. We will adjust to your technical requirements. A cell phone and internet or local telephone service is all you need.

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Teacher and Student

:Spanish for Expats!

Studying, working or living for a while in Arequipa, Peru? This program will help you catch the local language and speaking usages you will need in order to develope your daily routines. If you have some Spanish, you will sharpen your language skills. If not, our teachers will put you into the learning path. Frexilbe schedules andjusted to yours.

Class material is designed iase of your regular communicational needs.

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Teacher and Student

Prices. & Details

Program Period Price US$
ONE DAY TRAVELLER First CLASS 2 Hours $20.00
> Additional hours or days each 2 Hours + $18.50
SPANISH FOR TRAVELLER One Week/5 days/20 hours $150.00
STANDARD SPANISH One Week/5 days/20 hours $150.00
> Half Program One Week/5 days/10 hours $90.00
SPANISH FOR ELDER One Week/5 days/20 hours $150.00
SPANISH ON THE TREK NEW! 5 on line sessions/30 min $30.00


All programs are One on One classes(one teacher, one student). You can save a little bringing a friend or family. One on TWO classes (One teacher, Two students) need to add 30% of the main price as total

For GROUP Classes please CONTACT US.


We accept Cash, Credit Card and PayPal. A 5% additional charge is applied for these payments. Classes should be paid on arrival and before the first class. you can pay in US$ or local currency (we use general market exchange rate)


You can register online, by mail or on arrival to Arequipa. Be aware, as our classes are private we have a limited number of teachers available. So we recommend to register with AT LEAST TWO WEEKS in advance. If not possible, please call on arrival to confirm we have space. We need at least 12 hours to inform your teachers.

Day classes need only TWO hours in advance registration.


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We will fix a program to meet your needs