Short Term Spanish Learning

Your motivation is used by our instructors to enhance your Spanish language learning abilities.

Spanish School Arequipa

A Modern & Efective Method

Spanish School Arequipas main interest is for you to succeed in genuine communication in Spanish. Our flexible approach is customized according to your abilities, strengths, and interests.

You will be speaking in no time!

We offer content based classes. Vocabulary is taught in a meaningful context. Grammar instruction is only used as a means to an end. And classes reflect real contexts.

As an adult you have a learning pattern. We respect it and connect our learning style to it. Our experienced teachers will use strategies to see the best of you on this short term learning process.

All of our instructors have at least 7 years experience in teaching our method. They are passionate and compassionate about teaching their native language. Each instructor uses a unique and personalized hands-on approach to ensure you will learn quickly.

Two instructors take turns in one class to keep your attention. They include interesting activities and active role playing. There is homework, but no repetitive excercises.

As Arequipa is such a friendly city, teachers will challenge you to take on every oportunity to practice your Spanish. Whether through friends, sports, cultural events, volunteering or any other.

Programs Available for you

Teacher and Student

Private Programs, or 1 on 1 courses, are the best for short term learning, according to our experience.

A Standard Program lasts 20 hours per week with 4 hours of classes per day.
Each day you will have two 55 minute classes (session) with a 15 minute break inbetween. Each student has two teachers who will be in charge of one of both daily sessions. This helps keep your attention and produce more..

A special option is to take ONLY 10 hours per week with ONE session per day. Or take classes only certain days of the week. A minimum of ONE session is required (2 hours).

A Week starts on Monday unless you need special arrangements.. You can take as many weeks as you need, the course will increase in content.

Every Program offers BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED levels according to your background in Spanish.

You can ask for a free of cost placement test before registering, or upon arrival.

GROUPS: If you are travelling with family or friends, or an institutional group (church, university, etc.), we offer you classes as a group, with special discount rates per participant.

If you want to take less than 20 hours, please contact us. We can offer special arrangements.

You can select classes in the Morning starting at 9 am. or in the Afternoon starting at 3 pm. Special options have different arrangements.

Classes are available all year long. Except for Christmas Holidays (Dec 24-25) and New Years Eve (Dec 30-Jan 1st).

Spanish for TRAVELLERS

Our most popular option. A flexible program with travel vocabulary, useful everyday phrases, cultural explanations and, most importantly, a strong emphasis on communication and pronunciation.

Designed to make the most out of your short stay and taking in consideration your interest of exploring the city. You can take classes from 1 or 2 weeks to a couple of days.

A perfect option for those looking to improve their Spanish skills or for beginners with a great motivation.


An Organic and formal Spanish course. Pronunciation, writing skills and grammar structures are included. A great compliment to your previous Spanish studies. Intensive Spanish speaking.

Instructor and student will decide objetives to achieve for each week of classes, and contents and materials will be selected.

A course to achieve the most of an immersion experience. At least two weeks are recommended. One level is about four weeks of classes.

Spanish for VOLUNTEERS

Designed for those volunteering and looking for a "fast track" to learn or improve the language.

Strength in contextual language related to your work (education, children care, medicine, etc.).

A great course to immerse you in the local ambiance. Organizations such as GVI, Carpe Diem and Swedish Red Cross trust their volunteers to us.

Content will vary according to your actual Spanish knowledge.

We can also help you find volunteer opportunities in Peru.

NEW :Spanish for Mature and Older Adults

A Program developed for those in their 40s and up who are willing to keep their learning habilities alive learning or improving their Spanish while living in Arequipa for some time.

Experienced instructors, with specially prepared contents where culture, literature and history are prioritised.

The course goes on your learning pace and can be extended from one week to eight weeks

Includes special visits and activities in the City.

Tips for you:

Book lessons online with at least two week in advance.

If you have a text book, bring it with you. Instructors will include it in your course if you want.

You need to bring a notebook if you are used to taking notes. We provide copies of reading and working materials for the class

You need to pay classes in advance the first day of classes. Cash and Credit Card available. CC requires a 5% additional charge.

Prices, Payment and Registration. General Info

Proces of Classes

All Programs and Levels have the SAME PRICE. $135 Dollars per 20 hours (1 Week) of classes. Private 1 on 1.

Shared classes (group registration) is $80 Dollars per participant.

We accept PayPal and Credit Card payment, but will charge a 5% extra to fill administrative charges

Item Period Price US$
All Programs, 20 hours Week/5 days 135.00
Half Program 10 hours Week/5 days 80.00
Session 2 Hours 18.00
Group per person Week 20 h. 80.00


We accept Cash, Credit Card and PayPal. A 5% additional charge is applied for CC and PP. Classes should be paid on arrival and before the first class. you can pay in US$ or local currency (we use general market exchange rate)


You can register online, by mail or on arrival to Arequipa. Be aware, as our classes are private we have a limited number of teachers available. So we recommend to register with AT LEAST TWO WEEKS in advance. If not possible, please call on arrival to confirm we have space. We need at least 12 hours to inform your teachers.


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