Short & Efective Spanish Courses in Peru

Your motivation is used by our instructors to exploit your Spanish language learning abilities.

Spanish School Arequipa

Easy Spanish learning based on your motivation

Easy Spanish Learning

Spanish School Arequipa is a specialized institution providing quality DAILY and short-term Spanish courses in Arequipa for the last 11 years!

We serve travellers willing to have a complete cultural experience while travelling through South America. Or those who prefer an immersion experience in order to improve their Spanish language and Cultural knowledge.

In short time, our students gain confidence and competence as they apply their newly learned language skills to real life situations.

Our method takes advantage of being in Arequipa. A beautiful city with lots of immersion oportunities. Where it's easy to practice your Spanish and deveope a daily routine as a local Spanish speaker. Social and economical needs are the best motivation for you to learn.

Av San Martin 116, Vallecito. Arequipa

+51 959 556 443 + 51 54 213975

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All our teachers and administrative staff are Native Spanish Speakers. Besides the academic proficiency, we all carry a cultural heritage we express thru our teaching and interaction activities. This is VERY important specially if you want to strenght the immersion conditions during your short staying.

Our classes are not only academically prepared. We put SPANISH in a real context. Within cultural situations. No book provides you this important language knowledge except your living experience in a Spanish city interactig with local speakers

Special Offer. Book classes January to March with 10% discount!

Arequipa: The best place for Spanish

Arequipa, Best place for SPANISH

Besides its white houses, beautiful architecture and many attractions, Arequipa means special when talking about Spanish learning. Safe, Friendly, Modern. You can live your regular life (shopping, socialize, etc) and learn in a real Spanish context.

The cost of life is less expensive than Lima or Cusco. Its a paradaise of good food. You can find all kinds of services needed like banking, health, transportation, etc. AND locals are the friendliest people you will find in Peru. The plus: They speak Spanish slowly!!

Our School is located in Vallecito, four blocks from Main Square. A tranquil area accessible by public transportation and at walk distance from almost everyplace. We share facilities with Casa de Avila the Garden Hotel.