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Spanish School Arequipa

Best Facilities to learn Spanish

Best Facilities

Arequipa, the perfect place

We count the city as the perfect facility to learn Spanish. Its the second City on importance in Peru. With all services needed for your stay (health services, banking, food, accommodation, etc.). Its less touristic than Lima or Cusco. Much safer and the cost of living is half the price than Lima or Cusco. Its a walkable city, which offers a student lots of opportunities to practice its new language. Locals are very friendly and highly appreciate visitors.

Arequipa is a 1 hour and 15 minutes flight away from Lima and 1 hour from Cusco. Its historical center is delcared Human Heritage by UN. Beautiful buildings from the Colonial time, built in a special volcanic rock called Sillar. Three volcanoes surround the city and are visible from any place. The weather is excellent all year long. Sunny during daytime and fresh during nighttime. Except for February, the rainy season (lasts 2 weeks).

Av San Martin 116, Vallecito. Arequipa

+51 959 556 443 + 51 54 213975

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Jardin Central

Jardin Central

Casa de Avila, our School Campus

Casa de Avila Hotel is where you will take classes. We have prepared special classrooms equipped with Tvs whiteboard and all furniture needed for your classes. Its located just four blocks from the Main Square and easy to access from any area of the city. Casa de Avila also provides accommodation for those who want to stay on the campus. Facilities offered for students are:

  • Private classes with all equipment needed for your session.
  • Tea, cofee while in break during classes.
  • Tourist and local information about places and activities where you can practice your Spanish.

Services we provide


It's easy to find accommodation in Arequipa and make your own arrangements. You can find many options. We recommend you not to share spaces with English speakers if you want to take advantage of the immersion oportunity. We offer and recommend the following options:

School Campus accommodation in Casa de Avila.
In a private room with all facilities. And entitled to use all the facilities Casa de Avila provides. Service includes accommodation and breakfast. And use of all the spaces of Casa de Avila, like courtyard, terrace, social rooms and library. This option is prepared for you to practice a lot of Spanish, our staff is ready to challenge you every time you want to practice!. Students can take classes in the courtyard as an exclusive service. Price is for ONE person. Rate is different than Standard Hotel Service Rate.

in a family house close to the school. You will have a private room in the house. Bathroom can be shared. Breakfast and half pension (lunch or dinner, according to agreement with the family) is included. Usually you can walk to School. Family has been evaluated by the school. Not available for couples.

Ideal for couples or families. One or two bedrooms. Rented on a weekly basis. Basic furniture including a kitchen. Services included. Close to the School. Minimum stay is two weeks. A security deposit is required.

Options are only available while you take classes in Spanish School Arequipa. No rent or service without classes.

Accommodation Type Period Price US$
School Campus Week/6 nights 135.00
Family Home Stay Sunday/Saturday 125.00
Private Apartment On availability 150.00
Jardin Central
A private room for students in Casa de Avila
Jardin Central
Students in Casa de Avila courtyard
Jardin Central
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